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Vip Hair Colour Shampoo

Vip Hair Colour Shampoo

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Vip hair colour shampoo For Healthy Smooth& Shiny Hair

Every person wants thier hair healthy, smooth, shiny and managable. Every person either he is aged or young wants their hair healthy, black and managed. VIP hair colour shampoo is an imported indian product which is one of the finest and natural hair care brand. This vip hair colour and shampoo  has natural herbal nutrients.

Vip hair colour shampoo is a three-in-one product that can be used as hair color, shampoo and conditioner. This does not required any gloves, brushes or no bowls is needed. It produces no stains, it can be used with hand itself. It produces  pleasant fragrance effect and it is completely tear free shampoo.

Features of vip hair colour Shampoo (Amazon Store)

Basic Function

hair healthy, smooth, shiny, black and managable, pleasant frangrance effect.



Price: 3000

Used: Men and women all of age can used

How To Use Vip Hair Color Shampoo

Vip hair colour shampoo is a 3 in one, shampoo, hair colour, conditioner. It can be applied with hand without using gloves, it is completely enriched with pearl extract, produces no stains on hand, face and scalp. Its natural colour is black.

Top 10 benifets of vip hair colour and shampoo

  1. Fights dryness

VIP Hair Color Shampoo formula with active moisturizers continuously targets dryness, keeping your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful.

  1. 3 in 1 Benefits

It can be used as product like Shampoo, Hair Colour and Conditioner(3 in 1).

  1. Relieves irritation

VIP Hair Color Shampoo soothing formula calms irritation, providing you with healthy, up to 100% flake free hair.

  1. Reduces Redness

VIP Hair Color Shampoo formula calms irritation and reduces redness, leaving your scalp feeling great and your hair looking at its best.

  1. Controls oiliness

VIP Hair Color Shampoo is specially formulated to control oiliness for worry-free cleansing that leaves your scalp and hair looking feeling healthy.

  1. Removes flakes

VIP Hair Color Shampoo special formula helps eliminate dandruff leaving your hair up to 100% flake-free.

  1. Fregrance

Vip hair colour shampoo has aromatic fragrance that makes this shampoo gives a pleasent effects.

How to use Vip hair colour shampoo

Apply Vip hair colour shampoo with your wet hands thoroughly on head, make sure that your hairs are completely oil and dust free. Apply the vip hair colour shampoo on your hair equally and massage the head properly, then wash your hands after 3 minutes. Apply it for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with water adequetly.

Vip hair colour shampoo review 100%

Vip hair colour shampooh is is one of the finest and leading brand becoming popoular in Pakistan, as most of the people wants to know about its review. Let me tell you this product has 100% good reviews as it gives healty nourished and smooth, manageable hair and also leaves a aromatic fragrance.

Vip hair colour shampoo price (Amazon Store)

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