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RAMMAL & NABIA MEHMUD are lifestyle wedding photographers for contemporary couples from Islamabad. They are a self-taught hobbyists turned professionals, who are now Internationally Certified.
I had been into macro photography in the year 2000 and then was majorly drawn to Adobe Photo shop. In 2006; I started posting my photo manipulations on flickr.com; friends and other photographers on this online forum helped me add finesse to my work and this created for me a new medium of expressing my love for art. ?
After completing MBA from FAST (NUCES) Business School, my best friend, co-pilot and sister; Nabia, decided to document the wedding of our friend, upon the insistence and encouragement of our friends & well-wishers. A few months and several weddings later, we decided to turn true to our passion by making this a career choice. We have been blessed with talent and success. We are a duo of seasoned (girl) wedding photographers, and adore the festivities of a desi wedding, whichever part of the world they may be in. We think being a girl; we can relate to, or judge a bride’s comfort level and help her be candid and at ease, while being herself. It’s always more fun when our clients feel comfortable and indulgent enough to be a little silly in front of our cameras. Playful posing and a bit of whimsy not only makes whole experience enjoyable, it also produces brilliant results and timeless photographs which capture the true essence of the couple’s big day.
Although we use Hi-end equipment consisting of DSLR cameras, prime lenses and studio lighting. We believe more in conceptualising a session and add vigour to it with the creative eye. We love to think quicker than our shutter speeds.
We coined the term ‘Moment-o-graphy’, where we document the heart-warming moments that sew your BIG DAY together. It is a set of spur-of-moment pictures showcasing creative angles and encapsulates splendid portraitures through imaginative usage of the ambiance. It is a true translation of your events, of you and your loved ones in their comfort zones, captured in vibrant colors and preserved in hi-resolution for years to come. In short, clicking the event as it unfolds in the most candid way possible. This is photojournalism in its purest form, where we are determined to capture the moment in-between-the-moments.
We are a team of creative photographers and dedicated professionals and to reflect back on why we’ve grown, I think the major reason would be our working relationship with our clientele. Most of our brides become friends and leave us with loving testimonials. We strive to continually improve and out-do our previous. We go the extra mile to familiarize ourselves with our clients by setting up thorough pre-wedding/bridal sessions with the couple so we can meet or better yet exceed their expectations. Our premium photography is encased in wedding bundles allowing our customers to choose from a range carrying from the basic options to extravagant indulgence.
For us, we see life in frames; where each frame tells a story and evokes a different feeling within itself. Ever since we were kids, we would take pictures in our garden of the aging tree, close-ups of vibrant flowers in the yard, bees and butterflies and anything that enthralled our imaginative minds. We don’t know when our fascination for photographs, colors and nature transformed into inspiration – but we knew for sure that a revolution within had been instigated.

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