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Pakistan is a country where tea is not just a beverage; it is a thirst quencher, a reason for a friendly get-together, a day-starter, a peace-offering, a relaxant, a snack, a meal, a deal-breaker tradition. We are a people that will conduct a multi-million rupee deal over a cup of tea. It is an essential ingredient of our social fabric, had at all formal and casual occasions and at all levels of our social strata. It is not a beverage. It’s a social lubricant.
So, it is no wonder that Pakistan is the highest per capita tea-drinking nation of the world and for a country steeped in teaness, it is indeed surprising that we don’t have a tea-house or even a tea-themed cafe. We do however have all varieties of coffee-centric cafes cropping up in all the major cities of Pakistan that target a very small market but for an avid tea-drinker, we only have the local dhabas or the lobbies of five star hotels.

chaayekhana offers a concept that has been conspicuously missing from Pakistan. A high-end cafe that specializes in all things tea; an alternative to the lobbies of expensive hotels that serve tea-bags in water. A place where people come with family and friends to have their favorite type of tea while relaxing in a congenial atmosphere. A place where one can meet with business associates for quick cup of tea to discuss matters of commerce or where someone can grab a book to enjoy with a cup of tea or work on their laptops in solitude.

chaayekhana has over seventy blends of teas, hand-picked from all over the world. We cater to the hard-core tea drinker who knows exactly what he wants, as well as to those with an adventurous streak, who want to try out one of our blends from our six different verities.

In words of our patron ‘chaayekhana is tea-lover’s dream’.

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