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Our vision is a University Town at Gadap, having been developed around Baqai Medical University like Oxford & Cambridge Universities in England, on the pattern of Utah State University and the Aligarh Muslim University of Indo-Pak subcontinent. This town of Education and Learning will have a good number of Colleges of ARTS and SCIENCES besides Universities. This mega project is being developed on the basis of Self Reliance. The government is supportive of these projects and efforts have been made to bolster academic and research projects in the best possible manner.

The Community having comprehensive Health Care to 100% population based on BAQAI’S Model of Health Care Delivery, Health and Medical Education inclusive of Preventive Health. A child of the town to be able to say “I have a doctor of my own too”.

The women’s status raised economically, educationally, health-wise and Socially through Social Obstetrics. All this being achieved by the Community through community participation at all levels, with complete autonomy at local level having no central bureaucratic control.

Further development in this field has come with the realization that the U.N. Millennium Development Goals are the object of the modern medical professionals. This includes not only technical training in medicine but also education of the general public and above all prevention of disease which is duly more cost effective and beneficial to the whole population rather than management of terminal diseases in individuals such as renal and heart transplantation. Community orientation has evolved into community dependence as without patients there would be no doctors. In this respect Baqai Medical University has been directed towards the Millennium Development goals for twenty years, long before the UN’s realization.

Modern Medicine, despite globalization, is evolving in a society-linked manner. In North America this is expensive, technological and litigation conscious whereas in Europe, it is evolving into another social service and a job rather than a profession. In Pakistan with its double disease load of deprived, largely rural people combined with the diseases of comfort of the developed world. The requirement is for better doctors than elsewhere who can utilize the best of other world cultures and sciences.

The 21st century has added further pressures and needs to medical education. High quality information is doubling every 3 years. The genomic revolution has shown that all diseases have an individual genetic predisposition which is expressed by interaction with the environment, largely nutrition. This has been a great advantage in allowing prevention. Finally, systems biology development has reminded us that the whole patient needs to be treated and that the proliferation of super specialities to deal with increased knowledge requires a very firm base in understanding and treating the whole patient.

Societal changes also dictate its methods into medical teaching and practice. Baqai has responded by founding an institute of Information Technology which interacts with the university at all levels.

In a similar manner, the importance of economy and financial matters in modern life has led to the development of an institute of Business Administration.

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